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Battersea Power Station



Bovis Lend Lease Ltd

Parkview International

(London) Ltd














Acumen Construction Services Ltd first got involved with the inspiring development plans at the historic Battersea Power Station site by providing Quantities and a Budget Estimate for the £140million underground car park and service core, assisting Bovis Lend Lease Ltd in their works and negotiations.


There was an additional section to this Bills of Quantities, a detailed ‘method related’ measurement, needed to accurately cost the complicated site oparations.


Our Cost Plan for the Underground Car Park & Service Core was then tested in the market place with a joint Acumen / Bovis exercise. Results proved the project within the budget.


Acumen were then invited to work directly for Parkview International (London) Ltd, providing detailed bills of quantities and cost plans for:


  • The North Park phase of the development including the Thames Jetty and further underground service areas; approximate value £50m
  • The 5,000 seat underground auditorium; approximate value £35m


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